The Yellow Boots Story

"My Job, I Do"

– Kenis Sim (CEO)


A symbol of the hardworking building contractors

Our clients and peers first know us by the sheer beauty and complexity of the work we undertake and the quality we deliver. But more are becoming aware of the extra measures we take in order to select methods and materials to create homes and environments that are safe to live and work in.

What sets us apart is our principle of taking full accountability of what we deliver. In doing so, we have created a fully integrated ISO certified one-stop design and renovations consultancy with in-house BCA certified Engineers, Designers and Craftsmen accredited to handle Construction, Demolition, Design & Build, Interior Design consultations, and turnkey projects. We are listed as an HDB registered contractor.

Yellow Boots Holdings is not just a company with innovative designs, but also a company innovative by design. Committed to improvement, we have taken steps to keep reinventing ourselves in order to deliver higher standards of work. Yellow Boots Holdings is a pioneering herald of the Industry 4.0 revolution. We break the mould of traditional industrial practices by modernizing and upgrading production methods and materials.

Yellow Boots Holdings commitment is to stay up to the latest trend and incorporate cutting edge technology in the pursuit of cleaner, safer, less wasteful and more environment-friendly practices. With support from the government, Yellow Boots Holdings was able to introduce state-of-the-art computerized fabrication methods, using materials that are friendly to humans and to the environment.

Every piece of wood used in our production method is CNC cut for precision and minimal wastage. In addition, our UV Services team is the first and only facility in Singapore to introduce UV technology, a process of curing and drying laminate on wood. This is more efficient, cost-effective, less time consuming than traditional methods and a lot safer for production workers with a complete elimination of toxic fumes released to the atmosphere.


The driving force behind our quest for perfection

lies the founder’s bold mission statement:

“My Job, I Do.”

This is a statement about taking personal ownership and responsibility for the delivery and quality of every piece of work that is produced by their own dedicated craftsmen.

The forming of Yellow Boots Holdings, with a supporting group of companies specializing in different areas of construction, was a result of this mission.

As a family-owned business, Yellow Boots Holdings recognises the contribution made by their staff. Each employee is highly valued as a family member, and the company has a policy of putting employee’s safety and welfare at top priority, and providing a safe and conducive environment to work with peace of mind.

With the vision of setting standards and modernizing the Construction Industry, Yellow Boots Holdings has set a goal for itself to uphold the standards for the construction industry in Singapore.


About the Founder

Kenis Sim - CEO (Yellow Boots Holdings Pte Ltd)

Yellow Boots Holdings is headed by Kenis Sim, who started the initial part of her career in the Naval forces. Called back to help in her family business, Kenis could not help but be bothered by the state of the renovation industry in Singapore. For a modern and developed country like Singapore, the industry is surprisingly 3rd world - using late technology that has been relatively unchanged since the 80s.

As an example, Kenis noted that most counterpart carpentry companies in Singapore still manually use glues and varnishes that give off toxic fumes. This is not only time consuming, but also hazardous to workers and homeowners alike and also environment-unfriendly.

Kenis’ quest to bring the industry up to first world standards resulted in the forming of the Yellow Boots Holdings team.

Ooi Tai Siong –Director (Carpentry, UV Services)

With more than 10 years in the carpentry industry, Ooi Tai Siong has seen through the developments of the industry over the decade, finally creating UV Services with a desire to introduce better fabrication methods.

Brenur Ooi – GM (Recolor Pte Ltd)

Brenur Ooi’s dream of helping new generation home owners furnish their dream homes resulted in Recolor, the one-stop home furnishing products and accessories depot.

Mr Heng Hee Au – Director (False Ceiling)

Mr Heng Hee Au has been in the business for 30 years, having evolved his Fibreglass Art factory to build partitions and false ceilings.

Png Hock Liang – Director (Regent M&E)

A veteran of more than 15 years in the electrical contracting industry, Mr Png Hock Liang (Leon) leads a crew of more than 15 LEW certified electricians in Regent M&E Pte Ltd.

Chrisina Soh – Director (Yellow Boots Pte Ltd)